What is The Sustainery? 

The Sustainery is a marketplace where suppliers can sell unwanted, rescued and deadstock textiles to designers. Our goal is to keep fabric out of landfills and incinerators and serve sustainable designers with quality textiles. 


What is Deadstock? 

Deadstock typically refers to rolls of fabric that are left after a garment production run, fabric that was dyed the wrong color, canceled orders or surplus fabric that is unsold by the textile mills and left in storage. Deadstock comes from many different sources but mainly can be defined as pre-consumer leftovers from large manufacturers and fashion brands. Historically deadstock was destined for landfills or incinerators but today is finding new life with companies that understand the importance of sustainability.


How do I purchase textiles on The Sustainery? 

The Sustainery employs a two-step buying process to ensure accurate shipping costs and yardage. Check out How To Complete An Order Request for more details. 


Who can sell on The Sustainery?

Suppliers, manufacturers, mills, distributors of fabrics, textiles or other suppliers for designers.


Can I sell on The Sustainery if I'm a designer but have leftover goods? 

Absolutely! Our motto is "Not Wasted" so feel free to sign up as a supplier if you have fabric to sell. 


What is the minimum order quantity? 

The MOQ is set by each supplier, however, sales of full rolls are highly encouraged.


How much does it cost to join The Sustainery?

There are no fees for listings so it doesn't cost anything for suppliers to list their products on The Sustainery. 


How do the fees work?

There are no listing fees – a commission is taken from the total sale.


How do payments work?

The Sustainery uses Stripe to manage payments. Stripe manages the purchase to protect both the buyer and seller. Payments are quick and easy and made upon confirmation of payment minus commission. 


Do I need a Stripe account to sell on The Sustainery? 

Yes, suppliers must sign up for a Stripe account in order to sell on the marketplace. It's quick and easy – we're here to help if you need assistance. 


Do I need a Stripe account to buy goods on The Sustainery? 

No, you do not need a Stripe account to make purchases. The Sustainery accepts all major credit and debit cards. 


How does shipping work?

We use a direct ship model: the supplier ships the goods directly to the customer – the buyer pays all shipping fees. The supplier will provide shipping costs to buyer on the final invoice. 


What are the benefits of selling on The Sustainery Marketplace? 

The Sustainery will bring customers to your listings and work to find the right buyer. Suppliers manage their sales from a robust admin dashboard providing the supplier control over their storefront and transparency with The Sustainery.


Does the supplier pay sales tax? 

The Sustainery collects and remits the sales tax. 


Still have questions? We'd love to hear from you, please feel free to email us at info@shopthesustainery.com.